Production of bio energy from poultry manure with additional value creation through recycling of fermentation residue


In order to avoid the ethical discussion surrounding the use of food-related raw materials to create "bio energy" and in expectation of future political requirements regarding the use of biomass, Naenconaenco nature-energy-convert AG has been working intensively for some years now with scientists, engineers and biologists on the development of low-emission processes and plants for producing renewable energy from biogenic residual and waste material.

From the beginning, special focus has been given to raw materials that are readily available and cheap to procure, in order make it possible to hold an economically strong position on the market irrespective of the relevant compensation rates for feeding electricity into the grid set by the EEG (German renewable energies act).

Naenconaenco nature-energy-convert AG did not invent the applied process and plant technology from scratch but has rather thoroughly analysed and optimised the scientific state of processes in the poultry manure fermentation sector with the scientific assistance of and in cooperation with accredited institutes.

The selection and use of technical plant components takes place exclusively under the aspects of proven longevity together with low-maintenance characteristics and available customer service on the part of renowned unit manufacturers.

Naenconaenco nature-energy-convert AG develops, projects and, as a general contractor, builds future-oriented, high-performance plants in accordance with substrate and location-specific requirements, aiming in particular to reduce emissions in the processing of poultry manure, which is now accruing worldwide in large quantities and which, in view of possible pathogenic germs and high proportions of nitrogen and phosphorous, poses an extreme threat to the environment if spread without strict control.