Production of bio energy from poultry manure with additional value creation through recycling of fermentation residue


Investor relations

The shareholding offer for shrewd businesspeople!


nature-energy-convert AG

lets you share in its success by issuing small capital shareholdings in the form of participation rights for a limited circle of investors!

Type of shareholding:

Yield-oriented, direct company shareholding in the form of participation rights for a limited circle of investors (small capital shareholding)


- Participation rights
- Share in the profit and loss of the issuer
- Right to dividend payment
- Right to surplus dividends
- Right to repayment at asset value after termination


5 or 10 whole years

Issued volume:

1 million euros

Notice period:

One year before the end of the contractual period.

Minimum subscription:

Single payment from 50,000.00 euros! 5% premium

Dividends / bonus:

- Basic dividends on nominal amount
6.0% p. a. for 5 year period
6.5% p. a. for 10 year period
- Proportional surplus dividends from 18% of the annual surplus.
- Payment of dividends 1 x a year

All dividend and bonus payments are subject to sufficient annual surpluses!


The business model of Naenconaenco AG, which constructs and operates its own bio refinement plants, gains security through experienced company and plant managers, first-class transport connections with locations at the centre of the agricultural refinement sector and secure and cost-effective provision of substrates with long-term delivery contracts.

State guarantees, provided through the EEG (German renewable energies act), secure that feeding renewable energy into the grid remains a priority in order to protect the climate and reach international climate protection targets as well as reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Furthermore, the EEG guarantees the plant operator minimum remuneration for the electrical energy fed into the public grid throughout the lifespan that was valid at the time of commissioning.

The future prospects for energy production from biomass, in particular waste products, are to be seen as extremely positive given the change in energy policy.

Thanks to the fact that no alternative can be found in wind or solar energy in terms of running at full load, the production of biogas will be indispensable within the energy mix.